Voice of Influence: How to Project Confidence and Authority


6/29/20242 min read

Voice of Influence: How to Project Confidence and Authority

The most confident person can have difficulties speaking in public. The same is true if you are giving a presentation on Zoom or Skype. Here are some proven methods for being perceived as an authority in your field. You are seen as a confident public speaker who looks at ease and is comfortable in front of an audience.

Dress for Confidence

Do you have a power suit? What is an article of clothing you wear that makes you feel confident and capable? That's what you want to wear when you speak in public. You should dress appropriately for the situation but also wear clothes that make you feel in control and confident.

Ask Your Audience for Input Beforehand

Knowing what your listeners want to hear can lead to more confidence. You won't get caught off guard with a question you aren't prepared for. Ask your audience what questions they want answered in your presentation. Let them know you appreciate any input. This helps you feel more confident for a couple of reasons.

Your audience immediately respects you. You asked them for their help, and they will appreciate that. It also gives you a list of things you need to research or otherwise understand before giving your speech.

Have Someone Introduce You

Do you have any titles or accreditations relevant to the presentation you will be giving? What experiences do you know your audience will be interested in? People will perceive you as a more confident and capable speaker when someone they respect introduces you.

Your audience should be able to identify the person who welcomes you to the speaking event. It is all the better if the person who introduces you is famous or has succeeded in a way that relates to your audience or subject matter. You are seen as a person of achievement who commands respect when a respected authority introduces you to a relevant field.

Go Virtual with Your Presentation

Public speaking is tough. What if you took the whole "public" out of the experience? You are still communicating live with your audience. Except when you go virtual, you can do it from the stress-relieving comfort of your own home. You go virtual with your speech instead of standing before a group of people in a live, in-person environment. That can go a long way to making you feel comfortable.

Record Your Speech Instead of Going Live

How comfortable and at ease will you feel with an audience of zero? Record your speech, and you can repeat the process as many times as you need until you get it right. That doesn't happen with an in-person presentation. You have only one chance for success, which can put much pressure on you. Record your presentation rather than giving it in a person-to-person format if that's an option.

You should practice for perfection. Get to know your material inside and out. Then, you use these tips for a better public speaking experience and will be perceived as a confident authority figure in your field.

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