Learning To Say NO!

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6/21/20243 min read

man riding bicycle beside wall with no text
man riding bicycle beside wall with no text


Eventually, there comes a time when we all have to stand up for ourselves.

You’ve been taken advantage of for too long. You’ve become that go-to person for every project and committee. You are targeted because everyone around you has found out your secret: you can’t help but say yes

…even when you don’t want to.

Don’t be taken advantage of another minute. It’s time to take charge of your life.

Rather than thinking of ‘no’ as being negative, you need to realize the positive energy that’s packed into this two-letter word.

Saying ‘no’ is a powerful thing, that will change how you think about your life – and yourself.

In this book, you’re going to learn when to say ‘no’ and how to say it in a way that keeps your relationships intact. You’ll become comfortable with saying ‘no’ in a way that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

It’s a fantastic journey you’re about to embark on. Let’s get started, with the power of no.

The Power of “No”

‘No’ is naturally thought of as a negative word.

We’re taught from the time that we’re young to avoid the word ‘no.’ We use the word to refuse things, turn down opportunities, and declare ourselves as unyielding and unmoving.

In fact, we are often told not to use it.

·   ‘Yes’ is shown to us as being bold and energizing, making you open to possibility and opportunity.

·   ‘No’ is a slammed door in a locked house.

·   ‘Yes’ is the open skies and the wide-open spaces of the world at your disposal.

·   ‘Yes’ means we’re amenable, it makes us likable. It is welcoming and comfortable

·   ‘No’ is the greedy friend who will never share. It turns us away.

To be honest, It’s a pretty grim picture.

The sad thing is, most of us go through life never realizing that what we’ve been taught, is wrong.

‘No' is really just a boundary line.

 It defines the edges between us and the world. It's what protects us and makes us stronger. It is the word that holds control of our destiny.

With ‘no' you set the standard both for how you wish to be treated, and how much you will allow others to dictate your life.

‘No' is our possibility and our opportunity for growth and it is the way that we get things done.

How does ‘No’ do all that and more?

It Saves Your Time - The biggest reason to use ‘no’ is because of the time wasted when you don’t.

We all only get 24 hours a day, and it's up to us how we use them. By saying ‘yes' to every request, the problem becomes apparent immediately:  you just run out of time.

Your schedule gets so packed that It can feel like it’s impossible to breathe, much less get any of your work accomplished.

Saying ‘no’ puts your day back into your own hands. This isn’t about being selfish. It’s being protective of one of your most valuable resources – your time. That’s not to say you can’t spare an hour for a friend, or take on that extra project, but you should be the one to decide if that’s a valuable use of your day or not.

How do you go about doing that?

You start with an understanding of where your hours go and how you spend or intend to spend, your time.

You begin by setting a To-Do list the night before. This establishes how you wish to use your time for the day before you even wake up. It’s much easier to protect a schedule that’s already in place than it is to try and guess how much time you have for extra requests.

From there it’s a matter of protecting your time. Be aware of the hours in your day when you’re being asked to do something.

If you’re not sure of whether or not you actually do have time for something new, then there is nothing wrong with asking for some time to consider it. Doing so gives you time to check your schedule and see if you do have room for their request. 

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